Temporary Power Service Always Available - - We Answer Our Phones 24/7

Temporary Power Service Always Available
We Answer Our Phones 24/7

Digital Video Surveillance

Whether as a theft deterrent or a way of keeping an eye on job site activity, Power Plus has a surveillance system to suit your needs. We have enhanced resolution analog cameras that come in several arrangements from one to four camera platforms. We also have the latest I.P. megapixel camera technology that record 1080p quality images capable of retrieving license plate information and other details that enhance the security of the job site.

Lighting Solutions
Common light towers work well, but at significant cost. Power Plus has developed high power quartz, halogen and LED lighting platforms that are easily installed on temporary power poles. They produce bright, visible light that is sure to keep workers productive and potential thieves looking elsewhere.

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Power Plus! will meet all your commercial generator needs – from a 480 volt generator… to everything you might need between 20kW to 2MW generators for rent. We offer trailer mounted generators and high capacity units. You can also rely on us for complete fueling service, auxiliary fuel tanks, and electrical cable and distribution systems and equipment. We have certified electricians to ensure connections are made safely and reliably.

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